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Internet, protection, the state and minors

The states fears of the world wide web is obvious. In the course of its Paranoya of the “uncontrollable” space, with is the the Internet they are constantly finding new routes. All this, of course, under the guise of protecting minors.
A new study shows that more than 70% of young people in Europe have a profile at at least one social network …. Surprise !? The studies also show that

Kids and minors give away their phonenumber and other private Data, without knowing the Danger that comes with the Internet.

Acording to the german goverment there can only be one possible way to protect the Children: the Operators of social Networks must set the System in a way so minors can not enter any private data (because it is unlikely that a minor piches a wrong age on their profile).( this is a decision of the EU-Comission, see article at heist online(german) ) I am sure this way of thinking is benefical for the growth of children to become self-determined human beings.
One ubgrade the shool system, to integrate the subject Internet into the timetable, to offer Workshops and Seminars so children are confrondet with the posibilties aswell as the dangers of the internet and social networks …