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Refugees United

A lot of families beeing seperated by migration or escape. There is a nice page what can help you find lost family members. You dont say your names or something that can reveal your true identity so you are not in danger of be discovered by someone who may persecute you. You can use information that only some one close to you would know, like a scare or a nickname.

I arrived in poorness..

found a very nice poem. It is written by a minor refugee who is currently stuck in Greece. The page I found the poem is from Villa Azadi.

Can’t be done yet

I arrived in poorness
that is not full yet
And the strange things
that can’t be done yet
And a new criminal I become
the sin of wheat and apple
that can’t be committed yet
in love that feels holy
that can’t be done yet

check out the hole poem

jogspace go’s europe

there was a lot talking about spraeding the Idee of minor refugees posting about their allday life to othor countries all over Europe. And Voila, the first step is done. check ot this blog. the blog is shared by several minor refugees on their way to europe. The page is not know but will be soon intigrated in the planet.
To read this post in German, please click below…

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